Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Dead Report Minute: ZOMBIE-RAMA!

Calendar items: At the October 4th at the Oakland Metro's Tourettes Without Regrets event, The Living Dead Girlz with be performing their much loved "Devil's Picnic" routine. October 11th, WIll the Thrill will be hosting the Thrillville ZOMBIE-RAMA event; a double creature-feature with special ghoulish guests Dr. Zombie, Mr. Lobo, The Queen of Trash and the undead dancing divas The Twilight Vixen Review.

This week, we have a very special and very tiny co-host!

Right-Click to download this Dead Report Minute!

This episode's links:
Info on the Living Dead Girlz event on Oct 4th.
Info on the Thrillville ZombieRama event on Oct 11th.

Check 'em out!


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