Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Dead Report Minute: The Last Man on Earth

In this Dead Report Minute: Dave will be presenting the film "The Last Man on Earth" at the Pacific Film Archive Theater on Halloween night. The film is a about a zombie-type virus that strikes Vincent Price's home town and then the rest of the world, turning people into roving packs of the undead- and hungry for the red stuff. More zombie than vampire, these creatures come from the same source novel that Night of the Living Dead got it's inspiration from: Richard Matheson's seminal zombie/vampire classic, "I AM LEGEND".

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The Last Man on Earth Trailer on YouTube

BAM/PFA Special Halloween Screening: The Last Man on Earth


Anti Zombie Task Force said...

Great one but im still try to hear from you about the zombie games that are coming out like: dead island, left 4 dead,no more room in hell, They hunger lost souls, and Dead rising 2.

Dave Taylor said...

Thanks aztf- We've got some game segments coming in January... Keep an eye out!