Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Dead Report: Episode 5

In this episode of The Dead Report: Variety reviews Diary of the Dead and we present a tribute to Romero shot by vlogger Sheleigh Bober. We discuss the phenomena of zombie walks, parties and zombie dances. TDR was dead-on-the-scene for the 2007 Zombie Prom hosted by The Pagan Alliance and we interview the emcees: TV’s Mr. Lobo --host of Cinema Insomnia-- and The Queen of Trash; star of song, stage and comic book.

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This episode's links:

Sheleigh Bober's Blog 'n' Vlog covering the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival

Slashville, Producers of short horror/comedy/sci fi, and horror movies
&, the blogs we swiped the rad zombie-walk posters from., a great resource for promoters/planners/attendees to connect., a pagan rights organization in the Bay Area. Hosts of the 2007 Zombie Prom., the website of Jared Guenther; an amazing make-up effects artist, and proprietor of the 'zombification booth' at the 2007 Zombie Prom., the late-night movie feature show with your host Mister Lobo. "They're not bad movies, there just... misunderstood." -Mr. Lobo, Monsters! Cleavage! Mayhem and More!

1 comment:

jobwich said...

Well done. Your dogged pursuit of all things zombie, is perfectly quixotic. Your own content really outstrips all the stuff you add in "...with a bar." That lady-folk shine in this joint with Joanne's "...stuff," and extemporaneous post-zombification attack. Sasha is very fast on her feet out there. She was running circles around that Lobo character.