Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Dead Report: Episode 4

In this episode of The Dead Report; Argento and Romero get some FEEDBACK from Rue Morgue and we take a closer look at the connections between Orson Welles and George Romero- including interviews with author Richard France, director Dylan Russell and playwright Peter Finch.

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TIFF 2007 BLOGS - Midnight Madness Blog See more of the Argento/Romero talk and get the latest scoop on the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival's Midnight Madness line up...

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jobwich said...

Wow, dizzy from the Wellesian connections. What great pulls you all got. France was a riot. “Suddenly it was legit to laugh.” Is it any wonder the full-fledged Zom-com is de rigueur these days. What to do when faced with our own encroaching mortality? Laugh, fools. Sasha has Finch just giddy. The Powell-Pressburger canon is worth the delve. “A Matter of Life and Death (aka Stairway to Heaven) is trippy in a great love-cheats-death fashion. From the truncated opening to the final frame:best TDR yet.

Dave Taylor said...

Thanks jw- It's my favorite episode for sure.

I felt uneasy about using the short opening- I really like the long version; our whirlwind tour through zombie culture and the great setup by Charles Craig's news anchor character from Night of the Living Dead.
But you know - The Simpsons has a short open, and It always jazzed me to know that I was getting a longer episode when we jumped from "Honk Honk" right to "AAH!".

So you know. Same here. The show was 17 secs too long and I didn't want to have a different cut on YouTube.

jobwich said...

Nice to keep everyone on their toes up top. How 'bout the occassional cold opening? Cold and stiff (sorry). Sasha or JT in the field. They cue the graphics. You at the desk. Could be something. However you do it, just keep doing that voodoo that you do, so well.