Sunday, August 19, 2007


While shooting my segment today (well, I guess it's not really a segment... filler maybe...), and going through a number of takes (it's kinda of like rehearsing while producing... a whole interesting thing about video v theater, which i'll save for another time...), I suggested that we have an out-takes segment or episode or extra or something. It will be fabulous when Dave has the time to do it.

In other news, Dave loves his brand new camera! So, we now have a camera that works... if only we had microphones that worked consistently.... If anyone is rich and wants to be our sponsor (or just our sugar daddy/mommy) email me! ;-D

TDR News Team will be at _Aaah! Rosebud! The Prequel to Citizen Kane_ this Friday. ( You should go. Support your local theater. Support your local theater doing zombie stuff. Support your local theater doing stuff that combines zombies AND Orson Welles. Young Orson Welles is damn hot and sexy. For reals. Check it.

Shoot. Lost track of time doing zombie research.


jobwich said...

Cameo! Pshaw, lady. You're a seminal part of this whole bloody (eessh.) enterprise. I dig the hard news, but the editorial is worth the wait.
That Crawling Zombie could use some Benny Hill music. Couldn't most anything?

Sasha lays the big men to waste, "You got a follow up to that?" Amazing.

And Dave,to quote that oddly fast glowy-eyed half-toy, (using your voice)"Slow down, I can keep up with ya." Continue the carnage.

Dave Taylor said...

Thanks jw, wait. areyoussayingthatItalktoofast?

jobwich said...

Crap. I thought you'd say that.
Naw, it's just that you're impression of the toy voice paid off way more than the actual toy.
I think, Eddy Grant's "Electric Avenue" could also sell the pants off that thing.

Then again, he don't need no stinkin' pants.