Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Dead Report: Episode 3

In this episode of The Dead Report: Zombies on TV, the Crawling Zombie toy, a review of "Living With Zombies", Sash comes back atcha' with a "Dead of the Street" interview segment, GameZombie.tv hits us with a hammer of apocalyptic precautionary advice, Indy Mogul cooks up another Backyard FX segment with three rad recipes for homemade brains for the independent filmmakers and general pranksters out there...

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This weeks episode's links:
Join The GameZombie Resistance at gamezombie.tv
Visit www.indymogul.com, the the first network for the YouTube generation!
Get your own Crawling Zombie!
Go buy Living with Zombies- it's a great read.


jobwich said...

Wow. Pretty much spilled on the previous post about this epi. Was that the Evil Dead II shovel shot, with POV shot of descending, severed head? So wrong, that it's exactly right.

Come down off of that spider's web, Dear Sam Raimi.

And I've never had the urge to hit anyone with a hammer, until that woman's piece.

Dave Taylor said...

We used explanatory clips excerpted from the following sources <legalese>within our fair use rights of transformation into a new medium intended to clarify a point, in in no way intended to compete with the original or challenge the copyrights of their respective owners: </legalese>

Evil Dead II
28 Days Later...
Dawn of the Dead
Shaun of the Dead
Day of the Dead