Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Dead Report: Episode 2

Here is your Dead Report for August 7, 2007. In This Episode: 28 Month Later news, Diary of the Dead news, a review of Fido, and footage from comicon 2007 of director George Romero in conversation with author Max Brooks.

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This episode's links:
Toronto International Film Festival
Romero and Brooks at Comic-Con 2007
Fido - Official website
Parkway Speakeasy Theater Oakland, CA


jobwich said...

Strangely, all this discussion of the living dead makes me feel more alive.
A little bit, anyway.
Q: Are Dave's eyes really that red, or is it a makeup effect?
I love that 3/4 head shot. Handsome devil,
Sasha is sexy. Dead sexy?
And Joanne makes grown men weep.
Keep killing

Dave Taylor said...

HAH! The color was a bit funky on that one because the color in the chip was fading towards red- I color corrected the hell out of it to make it as normal looking as I could... Our new cam showed up a few days after taping my segment...

jobwich said...

Nah,. You look sinsiter. In a not-well-rested Shawn o'the Dead way.
Looking forward to a panel debate of new-fast-zombie v. classic slow zombie. Plenty of fodder. Distinct camps. Does Rigor Mortis demand plodding movement? Discuss.

Dave Taylor said...

That sounds like a great panel discussion. I'll set up a panel discussion for a November episode. We'd be STOKED to have you as a panelist. Are you interested?

jobwich said...

I'm not "camera ready."
I don't, "Own a toothbrush."
Was thinking experts. Like, Max Brooks, author of "The Zombie Survival Guide." Maybe the Alameda county coroner to explain how rigor mortis might impede preambulation. And KFOG's Peter Finch, to promote his Zomboriffic play. He owes you all.