Monday, July 16, 2007

The Dead Report: Episode 1

Here is your Dead Report for July 16th, 2007; We've got two hosts now, Dave and Joanne. This episode features a segment on "Night of the Living Dead: Live on stage" produced by Sheldon Steere and a 'how to' segment by We've got a journal entry by James Dionne and the Dead Games report by Jason Morales. Sasha Taylor joins us for the Dead on the Street segment.

To watch, it's best to subscribe using one on the subscription links on the right, or right-click this link to download it and watch in Quicktime Player:
TDR Episode 1

This Episode's links:
Rage attack victim
Monroeville Mall Attack
George Romero's letter to the fans
Neca's Shaun of the Dead toys
The Primitive Screwheads
The Resisty Transmission Journal
Crazy Monkey Games; Endless Zombie Rampage
Indy Mogul, The First Network for the YouTube Generation.


Justin Johnson said...

Thank you so much for featuring us, guys!! We've blogged about ya here:

One tip, you should make your episode size a bit smaller, took a long time to download :)

Dave Taylor said...

Thanks for the tip Justin- The double length 1st episode was quite a whopper! Regular episodes will be under 10 minutes.

Thanks for the plug on Indy Mogul! We appreciate it...

jobwich said...

This is a solid team. Sasha ad-libs like a pro. Dave and Joanne display chops as well. Any way to get them into a debate? Let's say, voodoo/dark-arts summoned zombies v. science-run-amok/pox zombies? I see sparks.